Capacity Building

In its endeavor to build an efficient, effective, transparent and accountable local government system in Rwanda, RALGA continuously conducts capacity building programs of which trainings, study tours, technical exchange forums (both physical and online), etc. The objective of this program is to strengthen the capacity of Districts and Kigali City to respond to basic issues in the livelihoods of their citizens ; especially by helping them determine, design and implement efficient solutions to their service delivery needs.

Capacity building need assessments are carried out and service providers identified and their database updated regularly.

Key achievements

Technical Forums

RALGA introduced the concept of “technical forums” to discuss issues cropping up in local governance and share experiences on best practices. These include professional staff forums and local leaders’ forums.

Study tours

Building the capacity of Local Governments was also attained through study tours of staff and leaders in Local Government both in-country and abroad (Ghana, South Africa, Sweden, etc.)

Local Government Innovation Competitions

Innovation Competitions which culminates in an awards ceremony that grants financial rewards to winners are organized annually and focus on themes chosen by members and based on the government policies and strategies .The objective is to encourage members to initiate and participate in development ventures through the models and examples shared. This activity has been serving as a demonstration platform for innovative practices that positively impact on citizen lives through the transfer of knowledge and experience.


Capacity needs of the Local Governments service delivery are also addressed through trainings of staff and leaders. These include courses tailored to the working needs of groups such as the District Councilors, Sector and Cells Executive Secretaries, JADF permanent secretaries, health directors, etc.

Recruitments of staff

Since 2009, RALGA is rendering the recruitment services to its members, which helps the local government to get highly qualified staff. This service contributed to changing the Local Governments staffing profile and from there the quality of service delivery to the population. For statistics of RALGA recruitment activities for its members, please click here.