Through this program, RALGA ensures that issues faced by Local Governments are scientifically researched, solutions proposed to address them. The Association also conducts advocacy interventions to ensure that such issues and proposed solutions get the appropriate attention from different stakeholders.

Key achievements in advocacy

Research was conducted on several critical issues to the functioning of Local Governments for informed advocacy, policy formulation and decision making. These include among others studies on :

- Situation analysis of Performance Contracts (Imihigo) in Local Governments

- New organizational structure for Local Governments

- Corruption in Local Governments

- A proposal of amendments to the new draft law on administrative entities

- Service delivery in Local Governments ;

- Procurement in Local Governments

- Financial absorption capacity in Districts

Several decisions on local governments were influenced by RALGA advocacy action, among which :

- Laws, policies and strategies (inputs and orientation)

- Policies,

- Fiscal/Financial decentralization

- Working conditions of local governments (transport, communication, etc)

- Central – Local Government meetings