RALGA articles of association

RALGA articles of association were approved for the first time by the constitutive General Assembly held on 29 July 2002. Afterwards, the articles have been amended to accommodate various situations as follows :

- 2005 : RALGA was restructured following the administrative and territorial reforms that took place in Rwanda. The number of the members was reduced from 107 to 31 as a result of the merger of former Districts. The number of the Executive committee members was also reduced from twelve to seven (7 members of the bureau and 4 commissioners). The representation to the General Assembly increased from one delegate to four per members.

- 6 April 2013 : The articles of association were revised again to accommodate the requirements of the new law on non-governmental organisations. This was an opportunity to align these articles of association with the realities prevailing in Local Governments and in the country in general. The number of delegates to the General Assembly changed from 4 to 8 per member to widen the representation of local entities, including the lowest level of administration (the village). Another important change was a new RALGA strategic focus on the second generation of the national Economic Development Program for Poverty Reduction Strategy (EDPRS II). The four areas are decentralization, increasing finances of Local Government entities, local economic development and social welfare development.

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